Company Formation In Ajman Free Zone

Launched in 1988, Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) is an independent dynamic eco-system which offers businesses and investors a sustainable environment to help them accelerate their growth plans. Located just minutes away from the Ajman Port, the AFZ is one of the region’s leading investment destinations and plays an important role in contributing to the economic sector. The organization was granted independent status by H.H. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ajman. The free zone offers its top-notch services to more than 9,000 companies, investors, and entrepreneurs from over 160 countries. Aimed at diversifying its portfolio, Ajman welcomes businesses from various sectors including Food and Beverages, Automotive, Health and Beauty, Construction, Education, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Paper and Packaging, Jewellery (Gold and Diamonds), Marine, Textile, Advanced Technology, Sports, Petrochemical Industry, & Trade. Below are the services provided.

Services offered


You can approach our reliable licensing team for services such as UAE business license renewal, business license or share amendment, and so much more.


Provides all you need to start a business in the UAE. Our expert team and simplified set-up process make it easier and faster to get your license.


Our professional leasing team provides services related to facilities, such as expansions and downsizing, and staff and labour accommodations

Advantages of setting up a company

100% Ownership

100% ownership of establishment/company

Easy Capital Transfer

Easy transfer of capital and profits

Onestop for Transactions

One-stop counter service for effecting transactions

Tax Exemptions

Exemption from personal income tax, import & export duties, and other taxes

Fast & Easy Documents Processing

Fast and easy procedures and in most case, get the license within 24 hours

Easy access to labour

Easy access to low-cost labour

State of Art Infra

Well-developed infrastructure

Affordable facilities

Competitive prices for facility usage, power/electricity, and leasing

We are here to help

Though establishing a Ajman registered company may seem daunting, working with the right company formation specialists can smoothen the process. We at Innoserv Marketing will help you start your business in the most demanded locations and at the highly advanced & innovative business ambience of Ajman. Company setup in Ajman is exigent however not for us, as being a Business Setup Specialists, we are the solution for any fortuity We at Innoserv Marketing will assist and guide you towards making the right decisions, putting across cost effective and fast paced engineered solutions and offer fulltime assistance till your company is registered.