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Website Development starts from AED 2000 only


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Free zone License starting AED 5170 only


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Mainland Busines Setup

Mainland companies are known to be the most developed business entities in Dubai, UAE.


Freezone Busines Setup

No UAE national shareholder is required, it is not necessary to hire staff but it’s mandatory to rent an office


Offshore Busines Setup

Companies that conduct an insubstantial or zero volume of business within their jurisdiction of incorporation.


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About Us


At Innoserv Marketing, we believe there is a better & more efficient way to setup your
company in UAE. Our team of professional consultants will assist you in choosing the
right type of license, whether mainland or free zone, choosing the best location for your
office, visa formalities, opening a bank account etc. With the right business setup
consultants, the process of setting up your company will be smooth & hassle free. Our
team will guide you towards making the right decisions, putting across cost effective and
fast paced engineered solutions till your company is registered.
Once your company is registered, we have a team of Marketing Gurus to assist you
market your products/create your brand the Digital way. From creating a dynamic
website which speaks about your business, to marketing your business through Social
Media, SEO, SEM, Google Ads and more, we will help you establish that “Google only
loves you when everyone else loves you first”.
Your success is ours – Lets work together!



We let our work do the talking for us

The staff demonstrated qualified and professional services with outstanding knowledge in all relevant topics. They are fully dedicated to the interests of their customers. The Innoserv team is enthusiastic and professional. It is a real pleasure to work with them and we would like to thank innoserv for their tremendous support and we are glad to continue working with you.

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We are extremely happy with the efficient and timely services provided by Innoserv.


The Service provided by Innoserv is excellent. The staffs are co-operative and knowledgeable and the charges are very reasonable.



We let our work do the talking for us


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Tracy Soares

Co-Founder & Director – InnoServ Marketing , UAE

Director’s Message

At Innoserv Marketing, we believe there is a better & more efficient way to setup your
company in UAE. Our team of professional consultants will assist you in choosing the
right type of license, whether mainland or free zone, choosing the best location for your

Ideal PS2 emulator

While companies like Sony and Microsoft are currently finishing their next generation set-top boxes, the fact is that the market of the video game has not been updated day for a very long time. À With the exception of a few new IPs, many companies have run out of data. of ideas, launching twenty-year-old remastered video games or duplicating each other in massive multiplayer video games. This led to exponential expansion of business traditional lately. With its help, many expert gamers avoid new video games as well as new consoles and seek to remembering the good old days, going back to the past. The retro remains at fashion.
There are extremely simple retro consoles to choose from. emulate. Nobody will have a hard time. imitate the NES, the SNES, the Video Game Young Boy, the Sega or even the PlayStation. However, when we reach the PlayStation 2, things change. This console is over 20 years old and for many it is one of the most effective games they have ever played. If we have a PS2 we can play without problems (it is a very robust console however), but find gadgets on the market. is difficult. And also much more to find video games.
As a result, one way to keep Mind the good old days with this console is to use emulators. As well as one of the best emulators to replicate this PCSX2 console. Currently, this site: has all the tools you need to relive those forgotten emotions.

PCSX2: the best PS2 emulator

The advancement has begun; in 2002, although it wasn’t until 2007 that it ended up being essentially usable. As of today, this emulator is still actively supported, and its designers continue to update. update the emulator bit and improve the benefits for all games that exist for this emulator.
This emulator is defined by reality. that it is programmed; to overcome plugins. In addition to the main plugins, any type of developer can develop their own plugins to improve their efficiency. or simplify the alternatives. All the same, the most complete and effective offer are the main offers, so we do not recommend modifying them for others.
For the emulator to work, it must compress the BIOS of the PS2 as well as thereby load the game in question. Although for legal reasons this emulator does not include a BIOS (we have to find and package it ourselves), it allows us to package the BIOS that we desire using various variants and BIOSes from various fields.

Configure PCSX2 without headaches

Emulate the PS2 effectively and smoothly, the fact is, it’s hard. If we have a high-end computer we can do it, but if our computer is not totally new, the truth is that we can do it. is that we might have significant problems with this emulator. Specifically if we don’t know exactly how to configure it.
In the PCSX2 specs we will locate a variety of unlimited criteria that we can modify. With their help, we can customize the CPU/CPU procedure, graphics, audio, bespoke plugins as well as several other choices. Extremely complex choices which, at truth be told, should not be modified.
Without going into the unlimited arrangement options that this emulator uses us, we can discover a switch called; “Preset”. Thanks to; this, we will be able to quickly switch between 6 different emulator configurations, offering priority; more or less high at precision and the quality superior.

Download PCSX2

open to all individuals. We can discover the latest variation available on the conforming link.
The emulator is offered for Windows, Linux and macOS, so we can use it perfectly on any operating system we want. Also, being an open resource, we can adapt it to other platforms if we wish.
Certainly, we have to have a BIOGRAPHY for a lot of video games. Moreover, because their circulation is illegal, we will have to find them ourselves.
Minimum and recommended requirements
The emulator programmers make sure that to use this emulator we have to meet the following requirements: the below list of simple requirements:
Processor with SSE2 support (Pentium 4, Athlon64).
Graphics with support for Pixel Shader Design 3.0 and also 2 GB of VRAM.
2 GB of RAM.

Windows XP SP3.

Nevertheless, with this material, the truth is that many games will not work at all. Therefore, if we really want to maximize this emulator, we need to meet at least the suggested requirements:
4th Gen Intel Core i3/5/7 or AMD FX-8350 processor.
DirectX 11 graphics card with 2 GB of VRAM.
More than 2 GB of RAM.

Windows 8.1 x64

Therefore, if we follow the needs suggested by the designers, we can play games. a speed of 45 & 50 FPS, which is all in all. makes it ideal for gaming.

This emulator is completely free and also a resource